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thanks for twisted my old I send to you last year. You keep bothering me about VIDEO DEAD via email that bothering me to the point I had to tell you to leave me alone. You wanted me to tell you who own the film, but you are not in the business to know for you do not own or operate in the entertainment industry. Why do you think MGM ignored you when you call? Because you are not in the business. MGM owns the title because they got the Manson international library. I told you to buy the Bootleg German one so you will leave me alone with your constant email. Now you know who owns it. Just let me die in peace for you are thorn in my back for this crappy movie for this is the 2nd time you posted my email I send you. you are the reason why I no longer respond to emails. I lost $103,000 in 2007, and $68,000 in 2008 because no one buys these horror films. All I get is you who seems to want CODE RED dead because I can't get VIDEO DEAD. I hate to tell guys, but I am almost out of funds, I am joining BCI soon.

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