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Grow a brain Bill.

I emailed you twice, once asking, and a response. That's all. I have the one email from you and that's all I ever got from you.

The "thorn in your side" you're pretty funny.

You more than likely stopped replying to emails because people were bitching about you bitching about everyone else bitching. Like your whole rant with NIGHTMARE on how no one's going to get special features because no one wants to wait or some b/s like that.

You're just pissed off because I called you out on what you said and had proof to back it up.

Where's these supposed mass of emails I sent to you regarding this title?

I'd love to see them.

Oh and by the way, MGM didn't ignore my call - I spoke with two representatives and they flat out told me; they have no rights to the title. Ignoring me would be not telling me anything at all.

And just to check I called and asked them about a title they DID own and yes they told me they did in fact own that title.

They won't ignore their consumers inquiries, that's just bad business.

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