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You're putting words in my mouth, I never said I hated you - unless you're calling yourself a hypocrite because I did say I hate them.

You brought this on, I didn't. I posted about the film coming out and you got on your soap box about not buying bootlegs and blah, blah, but told me less than a year ago to buy a bootleg.

You're the one saying I hate you and want Code Red dead for not distributing this film. I think I've clearly stated I don't care who distributes it as long as it comes out and again it's not a vhs to DVD transfer or a rip of the Monsters HD print with the logos embedded in it.

I've never once stated I disliked your company or the films you release. I have stated I found one of your releases very unprofessionally put together and I don't think it's right you didn't try to rectify the situation but who am I but just the schmoe who buys the films you release right? What say do I have?

According to you, none. Studios just ignore people like me who only get them a paycheck every week because I buy the films they put out.

Silly me for thinking fans had any input whatsoever on DVD releases or inquiries about titles.

What's even more funny about this whole thing is I asked Don May of Synapse films to help me and he was more than willing. He went above and beyond the call of duty in asking around for me, meanwhile I get the above email from Code Red after asking for the FIRST time.

Simply priceless.
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