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Im not taking sides here at all. But I think we are being a little harsh. I can see both sides of the argument. I dont really see any reason to lose respect for Bill. I mean you would have to look at this from his position. That is a helluva lot of money to lose. And considering alot of that is CodeReds fault for some of the titles they distribute. And its true horror fans are very rarely happy. I mean look at the NOTC thread again. There are people who wont even buy the creeps dvd because of cover art. Thats just fucking crazy. So imagine owning some dvd titles that you think everyone wants. And they just dont sell. Or the ones you do put out people complain about. I see his point there. I also dont wanna scare him away from posting here again. I do own and like alot of CodeReds dvds. I like when he updates us on their progress. I just think alot of the complaining Bill does he kinda brought on himself. Im also banking on the new Video Dead dvd being WS. Just a feeling I have. Is there any studios besides Lionsgate(some titles) that still put out FS dvds?
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