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I also see both sides of the argument. But...I agree it should have been left in messages, between the two 'fighters'. There is no reason to exploit each other other than to cause controversy.

Not sure what's up with the Video Dead DVD. I'm guessing it is an unauthorized release that just happens to have come into falling with the widescreen original print. Lucky demons.

So yeah. While I don't agree with all of Bill's responses, I also keep in mind that I myself do NOT own a distribution label, nor do the people attacking him, so I can't pretend to know what to do about the situation. However, it's no shock Code Red is losing money, especially in these tough times, so when people whine about them not releasing info on any titles, I think they should be given some slack. And like BlackAndBlu81 said, there are still some nutty fans who won't buy dics because they're too stuck up about cover art or some minor misprint of words. It's ridiculous! None of these flicks released by any of these companies are 'Gone With The Wind'. Be happy they will come out eventually and if something happens and it doesn't get released, then so be it. They haven't been released in the 13 years DVD has been alive, so is your life really gonna change all that much?

..*sigh* Hope I didn't ramble. LOl.
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