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Not pointing fingers at all but this sucks. This forum is filled with everything BUT threads about new DVDs, and this is a good example of why. We don't buy anymore, the discs don't sell, either... and most of the good ones are trapped in an endless sea of red tape and title rights issues. Trust me, when I first started in this business I worked at a co (no longer around) with a huge catalog of titles but the paperwork was BURIED as were all the elements. It was ridiculous. No one knew where the paperwork OR the elements were (in an on-site vault). Literally, I went through it once and found camera negs (usually stored properly) sitting around in loose cans. And understandably, even in the good financial days of the late 90s, only the big sexy titles sold well, so those were the ones that they cared about.

We are all part of the problem.

Can we move on to something more positive?
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