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Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
Before this whole thing started, I really didn't have anything personal against Bill.

He was rude about the whole thing and attacked me by calling me, "the thorn in his side" for contacting him about this title ONCE. As I stated previously, I emailed him twice, once asking him, and once replying to his email and sent him a message on here. I'm sorry but how is that being a thorn or an annoyance to anyone when one email was asking a question, two actually because I wasn't sure if he'd get it on here or on his personal email address, and the last thanking him for his time? That makes a good reason not to reply to customer's emails?

I'm sorry for causing so much drama around here with said argument and yes I agree it should have remained private.

As far as what's going on with this released, who knows? I cannot find any contact information for Televista or JEF Films. All I have is the number for MVD and they know nothing about the title because they didn't put any work into it, they're just distributing it. The only information they have is what Televista gave to them which is the film is in widescreen, although a friend of mine informed me Televista is infamous for saying a release is in widescreen but when it finally comes it is in full, and whatever info is on their site.

Does anyone know where we can get the contact info for Televista so someone can ask them directly since they're the ones who "licensed" the film to MVD???
Why not just wait until it's released and there's a AV review, then you'll know whether it's widescreen or not. And whether or not it's an actual release or a boot. What's the rush? There's no point in getting all tangled up in plaid, just have some patience.
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