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Originally Posted by chrismac87 View Post
I am completely calm. I'm just curious to know where their widescreen transfer came from.

I did manage to contact them, they are calling me back, if I don't hear back from them today - I will contact them again tomorrow to confirm the ratio and what not.
Not to jump in and take any sides as I think both parties are at fault, but dude, you do seem a little impatient. How many e-mails or calls have you made in the last week to different companies to find out about this. Like others have said, just wait until the details are announced, it won't kill you, honestly!

I get as excited as the next guy when a movie I really like is announced, but I don't bug companies about them constantly. When they have the details and are ready to release them to the public you'll be able to read about it the same time as everyone else. And again, you can argue you don't think you are bugging them, but when you call a company and then say you are going to call them again tomorrow if you don't hear back, that's a little crazy man. Give them at least a week to get back to you, and even then... These are big companies that I'm sure are busy and don;t have time to spend on the phone.

Not trying to be a prick or anything man, just saying... hold out, it will make the news that much more special when it hits!
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