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I never said I'd call them back to them - I just said it here.

And in the last week I've contacted one company, MVD, and this one which now makes it two.

I called MVD once to confirm it was indeed THE VIDEO DEAD and not a music video release, and Televista to confirm the ratio.

The problem I have is I don't like providing information that may not be true, and I confirmed it would be in widescreen based on what another company told me and if it is NOT going to be in widescreen I'd like to make sure it's said as well so folks don't get their hopes up.

I'm aware it won't kill me to wait, but it seems the only way anyone's going to find out if it is widescreen or fullscreen is to buy it and I don't think anyone wants to spend $20 just to confirm an aspect ratio.

Also Televista apparently is not known for its ability to inform people of their releases. They have several on the site, MVD, and no specs are provided for any of them.

If you'd like to, by all means go ahead but pretty much like everyone else said; why spend $20 on a high end bootleg, when you can spend $10-12 to get the exact same thing or something you already have?

Makes sense to me.
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