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Unfortunately I am in the same boat.

I grew up with this film. My father and I used to watch it all the time with me, he hated it, but he watched it with me. It was always "our" movie so to speak.

He passed away in October of last year and well, I always associated this movie with the time he and I spent together because it was one of the only movies he would watch with me without me having to ask - he just would.

When I turned 16, he found a copy of it at a yard sale, still sealed, and bought it for me for my birthday gift. We watched it again and the entire time he just would say how much he didn't like it and how ridiculous it was, but he STILL watched it with me, he just enjoyed the time we spent together and the conversations we'd have.

So I guess this film has some sentimental value attached to it, as weird as that sounds.
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