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Originally Posted by Angelman View Post
I said NEW DVDs, germane to the back-and-forth between Bill and ChrisMac87. This is a trend I've seen - we all have - over the last 5 years (maybe more). People ARE buying less - be it netflix or cable, or the fact that all of the hot older acquisitions (Zombie, Dawn, even obscure Fulci and Franco titles are all "out" at this point) are out in multiple formats. That leaves us with stuff like Boardinghouse (I netflixed) that is not great by any measure. Bill is fighting the good fight and I understand his frustration. I am the guy that should be buying that flick and I'm not.

There was a time when I could go to Best Buy or Amoeba in Hollywood and count on quality genre films being released (as opposed to re-released) for the first time on DVD every week. And these were all must-buy titles. It isn't that way anymore. Night of the Creeps, maybe the MBValentine uncut are the last few that are high profile. Synapse, Blue Underground, Anchor Bay (as we knew them) etc are ALL GONE. Lusting himself said it (don't quote me) - no money to be made there any more, not like in the salad days of DVD. The slow transition to Blu-ray is just that - SLOW.

So, despite spawningblue's hard-earned cash - the market is withered and dying. I just popped over to the main page and this was the only thread based on a film coming to DVD for the first time (yes there was a F13 7&8 re-release and a Suspiria Blu but that was it).

So I was talking about new releases that were first time on DVD. Most of those now buying lists are populated with a lot of older releases.
But people are still buying DVDs, be they "new" or not. If someone doesn't buy the Video Dead but buys 5 different version of Army of Darkness on DVD or another version of Friday the 13th VII, I don't count that as a loss.

Netflix, while certainly a deterrent to consumer purchases, still has to stock DVDs and thus "buy" them as well. Now, I fully understand that 10 people renting the same DVD from Netflix is not the same as 10 DVDs sold, but no one ever accused the library of running the publishing business out of...well, business.

All that said, my DVD purchasing has lessened. I own most of the films I truly loved. Yet, I plan to blind buy Trick R Treat and finally get my hands on Night of the Creeps, as well as Watchmen and The State set. And the live Sleep DVD whenever that comes out. That's a lot to me, especially in a recession.

Hell, Ash28M told me about a "new" DVD today: Red. May be a few years old, but it's new-to-me. I don't see the discussion on here as stifled. I'm always introduced to new stuff.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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