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Originally Posted by KamuiX View Post
Uh, last I checked Synapse is doing just fine. They might not be releasing what you'd consider "high profile" horror films, but they're certainly still putting out killer releases (the Wandering Ginza Butterfly films), and introducing people to films they wouldn't see otherwise (Violence & Flesh, Rosarigasinos, Animalada). Don also promises an announcement about a cult film that people have been salivating over for years very soon. The market may be down, by companies like Synapse and Severin are definitely still fighting the good fight.
I stand corrected on the matter of Synapse, I guess. I'm not so sure we can say that Synapse is doing fine and you are soley focusing on the fact that Synapse are still putting obscure Asian titles rather than the entirety of my point. If you want to prove me wrong, comment on all my other points. Blue Underground? Anchor Bay? Netflix? etc. Synapse and Severin may be fighting the good fight but they are losing and the output of companies now is way off what it used to be. I would bet Don would tell you titles they spent money licensing and slaving over in the past might not be financially feasable now. Synapse doing the Panik House/Asian films thing, diversifying etc., may just be a survival thing (a smart one, but still)...

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But people are still buying DVDs, be they "new" or not. If someone doesn't buy the Video Dead but buys 5 different version of Army of Darkness on DVD or another version of Friday the 13th VII, I don't count that as a loss.

Netflix, while certainly a deterrent to consumer purchases, still has to stock DVDs and thus "buy" them as well. Now, I fully understand that 10 people renting the same DVD from Netflix is not the same as 10 DVDs sold, but no one ever accused the library of running the publishing business out of...well, business.

All that said, my DVD purchasing has lessened. I own most of the films I truly loved. Yet, I plan to blind buy Trick R Treat and finally get my hands on Night of the Creeps, as well as Watchmen and The State set. And the live Sleep DVD whenever that comes out. That's a lot to me, especially in a recession.

Hell, Ash28M told me about a "new" DVD today: Red. May be a few years old, but it's new-to-me. I don't see the discussion on here as stifled. I'm always introduced to new stuff.
I think, respectfully, you are confusing your personal experience with the reality of DVD sales right now, specifically horror and the ability of boutique companies to generate income and thus, license and restore new material for us. The market is off. The major boutiques walked away or folded, netflix is taking business (and A LOT of it), general DVD sales (Watchmen, Dark Knight etc. aside) are down. Blu-ray has yet to be the answer. Bill said Netflix bought 60 copies of Boardinghouse. 60. That is not a business model I'd be keen to jump on. And you can't compare the book industry to the DVD industry. Books are not delieverd to your house and digestible in 2 hours.

It wasn't a sleight on the board, I'm just lamenting the state of the biz.

Nothing I said was incorrect (save my over-stating the dire state of Synapse). The market is off. Less for us to talk about than say 5 years ago where there was new Argento, Fulci etc title to pine for every week. It's a fact.

Damn, y'all are some argumentative sons of bitches.

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