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This is not a good point. You specifically stated that people on this board do not talk about "new" DVDs, and that people here weren't buying DVDs. Incorrect. First, define "new" (2009? First-time-on-DVD? New edition?). It's a very loose term.
Good point - I meant "new" as in "new product for us" meaning the kind of releases that were being covered in this thread - boutique companies licensing and releasing older, fondly remembered titles. Or even, bigger companies with big back catalogs of older titles (a la MGM, Lionsgate). I should have been more specific.

Still, people (maybe not certain people here, but people in general) AREN'T buying DVDs, not the way they used to, and the numbers regarding sales back me up. And there was a thread on here where we all talked about how we have curbed our buying due to Netflix and I'd say most admitted they did too.

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And I can find plenty of threads about newly released DVDs (Hellbilly himself keeps us up-to-date on the latest in cheese releases), and plenty of discussion in other threads about blind-buying DVDs, asking if anyone has seen these DVDs at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc., what people are buying as part of the DDD sale, what people are looking forward to buying in October 2009, how 2009 is already a better year for DVD releases than 2008, etc.
I would disagree. I see a sharp fall off starting about the time I joined. Plenty is a relative term.

Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Although none of these threads seem to be started by you. How about lighting up some discussion about "new" DVDs with whatever new DVDs you want to talk about?
Touche. I'm not really a "thread starter" though.

But again, I would ask if my core point/perception: boutiques folding, less releases, less genre DVDs sold, netflix negatively impacting sales (an thus the ability and inspiration to release old horror films)... is wrong?

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