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Did you ever think the majority of the major titles are out now? The pickings are a lot less broad now, and to be honest I and a lot of other people are more than happy with what we're getting right now. In fact, I really enjoy the fact we're getting obscure films released now. I'm far more excited about discovering a new film than seeing another release of a film I've already seen a ton of times. Synapse and Severin are still delivering 1-2 releases a month, which is more than enough to be putting out on a regular basis. If the business is bad right now, it's a lot smarter to release only 1-2 titles a month, as the risk is less.
You are absolutely right. But this doesn't disprove my point. We are both right, here.

Originally Posted by KamuiX View Post
And this whole Netflix thing is so way overblown...just the way distributors were up in arms when rental chains first came in to fruition. If the distributors were THAT upset about their releases being available on Netflix, I'm sure they could take action to remove them. And most distributors factor in renting and bootlegging when trying to gauge potential sales numbers anyway, so it's a moot point.

Things will turn around just like they always do. Even if the current companies fold, there will always be more willing to step up and take their place. Home video is going nowhere.
I'm not sure that the Netflix thing is "overblown" and there is a difference between the Blockbuster experience (the rental chains you mention) and having a movie show up at your house. Everyone hates blockbuster and they only stock new releases generally. Rental chains started suffering when VHS sales started going sell-through instead of charging a store $79. Different paradigm.

I don't think things will "turn around" and Home video (as we know it) is probably going bye-bye in the next ten years unless we get discs and TVs that deliver full resolution images. Already I can get streaming films and HD on demand. Wait until Netflix can deliver HD films from all genres. Watchmen in HD for example, is priced at $5 for onDemand right now. That is probably a better profit margin than the DVDs for WB. As the revenue in DVD declines, this will probably become the new and preferred way of delivering films. Look at the music industry as "example a" with newer generations forgoing physical media for digital versions.

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