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Fame or Shame

Here is a new spin on the Hall of Fame or Shame game. Saw this done at another site and thought we could try this here.

I'll post 5 movies and each movie will be given 30 points. The next person copies the 5 movies and picks one of the five he doesn't like or think is not worthy and deducts 2 points of said film, and types the new score with "kill" behind it. Example:

House of the Dead (2003) - 30

House of the Dead (2003) - 28 KILL

At the same time the person must add those 2 points to another movie he'd like to see in the Hall of Fame, and also type the new score with "save" behind it. Example:

The Thing (1982) - 30

The Thing (1982) - 32 SAVE

Once person "A" is done and posts the new scores, person "B" copies "A's" list and does the same. And so on and on.

When a movie scores 0 (Hall of Shame) or 60 points (Hall of Fame) the round is stopped and the Killer/Saver can add a new movie of his choice. If the person for some reason forgets to do so after 24 hours somebody else can add a new one. Important:

Each person is allowed to vote only once a day!

Also, when a movie gets 15 or more haven't seen tags it may be replaced with a new title.

For Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame "winners" click here.
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