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Curious to see if they keep Leatherface with one arm, or act like the remake never happened. They could get creative and cool with that, hook him up with an Ash-like chainsaw arm or something.

I haven't been bothered by the family changing from film to film, although I loved the fam from the remake/prequel the most since Part 2. Of course the one I liked most (Hoyt) is apparently dead now, but Monty's still kickin', so to speak. Lose the fat women though, they offer nothing but a creepiness in their obesity, but am I supposed to be scared? I could crawl away with broken arms and legs and they'd never come close to catching me!

It almost makes sense for the supporting cast to change, as they tend to die in the films they're in. It fits to have Leather going from one fucked up family to another, just no more "this is his real family" bullshit. He's just settled in with another group of crazy cannibal fuck-ups, and isn't that what rural Texas is?

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