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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
Eh, I'll stick with the R2 Anchor Bay DVD. I picked that up for about $4, although the R4 release is the best out there.

Hopefully Warner will release more hidden horror gems in the Archive Collection though.
too my very surprise my local store had a new copy of the region 4 umbrella dvd i seen on the back it says region all but when i put in the dvd in 2 dvd and 1 blu-ray player it says cannot play disc then i seen on the back cover art in very small letters PAL format i said oh NOOOOOOOO then to my amazement i tried it on my xbox 360 and it plays perfectly i am checking out the special features now and will watch the movie later so i am very relieved as the place i got it from might of been hard to get a refund or store credit for a import dvd

so if anyone out there that has an xbox 360 and wants the best version with alot of special features get the umbrella dvd it'll play in your xbox360.
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