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Cobbled together from very recent posts by Don May Jr. over on AV Maniacs:
This just in... we JUST signed the deal a few minutes ago...

Coming in 2010 from us on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Details to come, as soon as we know what we may be adding.

There is a high def master done for it, but I really want to do something with the 2K scan... and we also will be programming it in select theatres before the release. Our version is gonna rock harder than any other version out there.

An to answer the question regarding the digital or 35mm of EMBODIMENT. We are looking into getting a 35mm print. Hopefully the same one they showed at the Fantasia Film Festival this year.

Mojica and his son are coming to the USA in early December on other business and they may stop by our offices, so we'll ask him if he's up for [convention appearances].
Blew my mind, and it really shouldn't have because he'd been talking a lot with them during the whole productions. I always assumed anyone else for some reason. This will probably be my most anticipated release and I'm glad I've held off from the ABUK Blu-ray despite how tempted I was.

OK, I can spill...

We are also doing... (this one many people will find out of left field, but we had a million requests):

THE VIOLENT SHIT FILMS (a possible box set of all of them)

27 NIKKATSU "ROMAN PORNO" TITLES + A NIKKATSU TRAILER COLLECTION DISC (this will not be a 42ND STREET FOREVER release, though). These are absolutely CRAZY movies... so perverse, offensive and nutty. See some title details here:

The titles are, uh, certainly odd and Nikkatsu's translations aren't all exactly correct (but quite funny). Here are some that I can remember off the top of my head.


We also just signed a GREAT docu we saw at The Fantasia Films Festival this year called GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR.

We are currently translating/subtitling the DIY French horror film, RESONNANCES, as well as ASYLUM (aka I WANT TO BE A GANGSTER)... a great little gangster/surreal/horror film we just picked up.

That's all I got as far as new stuff at this time (there are other things, I just can't talk about them yet).

We just finished the HD transfer of THE ODD ANGRY SHOT and are awaiting materials for DARK AGE (as well as some other clearances for it before we get started).

We also have at least two more 42ND STREETs coming (in the planning stages), including one on Blu-ray... and BASKET CASE 3, THOU SHALL NOT KILL EXCEPT, and a bunch more I can't seem to remember at the moment.

[THUNDERCRACK!] Next year is the anniversary, so we're shooting for October 2010.
Which again blows my mind. I love Japanese porno so much it's not even funny.
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