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I'm anxiously awaiting Volumes 1 of Creepy and Eerie in the mail. I thought I only owned issues #1 and 2 of Creepy but it turns out I already have #4 as well. Oh well, at least I won't have to get any more fingerprints on them from now on. I don't own any issues of Eerie prior to the mid 20s so I'm looking forward more to that. (although, again, issue#1 was an ashcan copy of reprints taken from the very first issues of Creepy. But at least it has some intrinsic historic value as it's become legendary.) These Archives are getting released far faster than I could ever hope to keep up so it remains to be seen how many I'll ever buy. The first 3 volumes of Creepy and the first 2 of Eerie, probably. Beyond that I don't know. There was a dark period in the late 60s where Warren published mainly reprints mixed with subpar new material and didn't return to form until what I estimate to be around Creepy Archive Volume 7. As much as I'd want these in order, for the asking price I'd have to demand the most bang for my buck.

But to argue an earlier point, the peripheral materials such as ads and letter columns are absolutely essential to the personality of the magazine as a whole. As a lifelong reader of these magazines it just wouldn't be the same experience without them. It'd be exactly like watching DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR instead of GRINDHOUSE. Which would you rather have in your collection?

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