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Okay, now that I've had a chance to open the books out of the plastic and compare what is represented to the original issues I own of Creepy #1 and 2 I want to clear up an apparent fallacy that has become rather widespread. While I have no doubt that the ads in the archives originally were published in Creepy Magazine at some point, the fact is that not only were the ads in the originals totally different, but there were more of them as well. Also, the back covers, both inside and out, haven't been reproduced. Don't mistake this to mean that I'm disappointed in my purchase. Not in the slightest. But to read the misconception over and over again on multiple sites that the Archives hold complete reproductions of the originals is a bit disconcerting. Apparently for too many reviewers these Archives are their first real "hands on" experience with these classics and couldn't do much else other than to parrot the press releases.

the ads now, in the archives, all seem to be, at a glance, from "Captain Company," which I take to be someone/entity who has agreed to let the original ads run in the new dark horse archives. or maybe they are public domain? Can a new publisher reprint the entirety of a previous publisher's work, including ads--carte blanche, or do the ads also have to have permissions granted? I have no idea.

for example, i'm looking at Creepy Vol. 5 and the only ads seem to be from this Captain Company or else the advertisement owner has been removed. They're cool and kitschy, but they do seem to repeat. I'm far more interested in the letters pages, but again, there may be discrepancies there too. I'll leave it to maybrick to do the exhaustive side-by-side comparisons on those.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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