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Originally Posted by fceurich39 View Post
agreed it is now very likely the extended version will hit dvd or blu-ray maybe both can't wait

fceurich39 Legend, I haven't seen the film for like 10 years or more, there was a time when 1997 felt like a few years ago, but I actually can't remember when I saw it, might of been back in 1991/1990 infact, I was in two minds about watching the version now on dvd, or just wait for this dvd/blue ray extended cut when it comes, and since I've been away from the film so long, looking forward to seeing it again as a adult. I was 10 years old when this came out, I saw alot of horror films when young.

I always felt this film was like a society of monsters, something very resonating about a group that sticks together, hidden, and through Clive Barker, and this director, some very classic and memorable monsters that to this day is more artistic then alot of zombie/vamp rehash we have gotten, I've enjoyed alot of these zombie/vamp films out this decade, but in terms of some original looking monsters, I do tend to think Nightbreed was one of the last films that did something different, Clvie Barker always seemed cutting edge, the pinhead image of Hellriaser was one of the first things I remembered when looking at the horror shelf in the videoshop when I was a boy in the 80s.

Good times may roll again.
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