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Originally Posted by Nailwraps View Post
The Slumber Party Massacre series DVDs have been announced!!!!!!!!:

"According to Hockstatter, Shout! Factory will re-release the Slumber Party Massacre trilogy as special edition DVDs, tentatively scheduled for an October release. The fun slasher series has developed a cult following, but the DVDs have been out of print for years. Jason Paul Collum is directing an extensive, three-part supplementary documentary. There is also an “ultimate fan” contest being held...

Follow up:

The DVD releases are said to include the following special features:

* All-new interviews with cast, crew and FX personnel from the series
* Vintage never-before-seen interviews
* Behind-the-scenes footage and photographs
* a featurette featuring visits to the original shooting locations
* Audio commentary on the plethora of knockoffs that followed the release of these films such as: THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY, SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE and our personal favorite, THE SORORITY HOUSE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE
* "Sleepless Nights: Revisiting the Slumber Party Massacres" three-part documentary
* Audio commentaries for each film moderated by fansite webmaster and documentary producer, Tony Brown

The contest ends February 14th so act fast! Click HERE for contest rules, requirements, and to download a release form to accompany you submission.

Please stay tuned for official cover art and the final special feature tally once they're been revealed!"
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