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I just think DiCaprio "over acts" too much- I don't hate him in films but I dont find him a major talent either. One movie I always think back to is Gangs of New York. DiCaprio I found distracting, over acting in many scenes - on the other hand Daniel Day-Lewis single handedly makes this movie enjoyable- he was freaking amazing to watch as Bill the Butcher. Daniel "was" Bill the Butcher while DiCaprio seemed to be acting by the #'s on his character. I knew I was watching DiCaprio, it was the same DiCaprio I had seen in previous movies- always the same overreaction to everything, but I forgot I was even watching Daniel Day-Lewis because he portrayed that character so well, same goes for him in There Will Be Blood. This movie wasn't great- but Daniel Day-Lewis sure made it at the very least watchable for his performance alone.
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