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Originally Posted by MorallySound View Post
I saw this Friday night and thought it was pretty good. There were some issues of course with the plot, but I actually think I might like it better on a second viewing. DiCaprio also was much better than I was expecting, his accent wasn't nearly as thick or botched as I was expecting it to be since his previews attempts were all brutal. The one thing though that really stuck out was some sloppy editing... especially in the first 30 minutes of the film, there were quite a few cuts that definitely weren't 'invisible'...

But overall, it was a pretty good 'twist' film that doesn't feel like a letdown at the end. And the musical score was awesome!
All those cuts were intentional. If I write more about it it will be one great spoiler. Even though, the film isn't about the twist. It is a GREAT movie btw.
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