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Originally Posted by Iron Jaiden View Post
Yeah they really need to put out a nice box set of all the deluxe editions. I rented the first one and thought it was awesome but I'm not gonna purchase until I can straight replace my 'Crystal Lake to Manhattan' set with another set of 1-8.

Oh and for christ's sake would it be impossible for Paramount and New Line to fucking collaborate just once and put together a definitive Friday set? Fans would love it and both companies would make bank for sure.
Really they just need up to Jason goes to Hell from New Line just so they can bookend the franchise before we got into silly spin-offs like space and vs Freddy.

If they do a box set I'd like to see some exclusives to the set. If I remember correctly, the first three Friday re-releases were put together by different people than the guys who did the 4-8 dvds. I read in an article that there may still be stuff in the vaults for 1-3.
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