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Pretty big fan of fascination with her started during my childhood when I'd go grocery shopping with my shopping in October meant the Coors Elvira cardboard standees came out on display and I'd be able to catch a glimpse of those cans of hers.

I kinda of misread the title of this thread though...I initially thought Shout! Factory would be releasing more of MM on DVD, which would have been fantastic, but as I read the post I was kind of disheartened. I really don't think the audience is there anymore. I know I'll be watching it, but I really think the general public isn't going to "get it".

I do hope it succeeds though, I can't wait. I just hope they play "older" bad movies, as I have a feeling they may try and modernize the show a tad.

And I agree, Cassandra Peterson is the only person that can portray Elvira.

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