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Man, did I ever get sucked into this one. Beautiful shots, and I loved the editing, especially early on. The flashbacks, the dreams, the paranoia; this is exactly what I want to watch. I thought the score was a bit oppressive in the beginning and it felt a little overdone ("din-din-din-din-DUNNN!").

But the opening was still so good--
on the boat, when he can't find his smokes, I knew something was up,
and the arrival to the island was epic. What a great setting.

The one loose end that I dissatisfied with
the part of his fantasy involving the apartment fire. There were so many shots of DiCaprio surrounded or haloed in smoke, and all of his fire-play: the matches, the car-bomb.
Did i miss something or was that never addressed?

I do feel like the trailer gave a lot away--or at least hinted at a lot, and I would have preferred to watch the film without
being suspicious. I hate it when a film is promoted as having a "twist." Just let it happen naturally.
But that's hardly the filmmaker's fault. And then ending
is devastating; just brutal. From finding his kids in the water to slipping back into his fantasy, yeesh.
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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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