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Originally Posted by Morgue Rapist View Post
how good could it be on AMC?
AMC is pretty cutting-edge with their shows Mad Men and Breaking Bad. And if you read the article, they say nothing they've shot has been "toned down" by AMC.

Originally Posted by buck135 View Post
Looks like Romero is going to direct a few episodes. I love and own everything the man has ever done, but I have mixed feelings about this.
Re-read the article. Darabont says he WANTS to get Romero to direct, but it doesn't sound like they've even discussed it face-to-face.

I'm sure the trailer shown today at Comic-Con is up somewhere, if not it will be soon. It looks REALLY good. Some of the shots of the empty city were really amazing. I was lucky enough to get into this panel. The line snaked through the plastic chain corralls, around the building, and out of sight. And I was one of the last to get in. Comic-Con really screwed the pooch on this one, putting it in only their third biggest room. This easily could have filled up "Hall H", the 6000 seat room.
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