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I still wouldn't ignore the Comic-Con presence. While not as big as usual, the booth was at least double-size (that's gonna be a few thousand dollars alone), and was staffed by several people, not to mention there were guest signings and special appearances. This amounts to lots of money for plane fare (MB is based in New York) and hotel rooms for everyone. They probably spent at least $10-20K to have a presence at Con, not typical behavior for a dying company.

Still, if they did indeed go tits-up, hunt around for their titles. Don't assume they're all hard-to-find. In fact, they probably get sold to various wholesalers for pennies on the dollar. I remember when Tartan initially died, I was able to go to a swap meet (flea market) and the DVD wholesalers had tons of unopened Tartan movies (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, etc) all for no more than $5 each.
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