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Murder Rock is fun if you want to get a strange Euro- time capsule of the mid eighties. Haven't gotten around to seeing Psychos in Love but already have a copy. Frankly, I am still stunned by this information. Just a few years ago, what maybe seven, now that I think about it, DVD companies were sending out expensive promotional packs and now they are going under left and right. It feels like the titles with the biggest fan base already got pressed coincided with the Depression, and as a result things like this are happening. I think to coincide with Halloween I think I am doing a Media Blasters marathon... This could get interesting, I think I have 98 percent of the Shriek Show output. Have to say they did some cool promos too, like the lobby card reproductions in Jungle Holocaust and the strip of film I got in my case for One Dark Night. Wow... All I can really say is keep buying independent first. I even like the stuff they put out that was possibly chapter jumping. I figured it felt like a real 42nd street theater experience akin to having the reels cut or switched around or seeing a movie you've seen already with a new title card; I bought that stuff too.
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