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Very bad news!

I have been a Lurker here for many years (great, knowledgeable people), but felt the need to post this info.
Hello I am the President of Media Blasters and feel I need to post a reply to this outlandish post.

Originally Posted by JKurtz View Post

Apparently, this has been canceled due to MB's current financial problems. Two days ago I received a call from one of my friends who worked over there in sales. He wishes me to not use his name, but he said he was let go, along with almost all other staff due to severe financial issues. I was told that in april, they had a staff of 52. In may, they let 24 people go. Then in July, they went down to a skeleton crew of 10. Now in August, when he was let go, the NJ warehouse was padlocked due to non payment and that the NY office was "days away" from a similar fate.
Buio Omega is not cancelled and has been moved to October as we finally got the transfer from Italy and this is our first time dealing with a PAL HD transfer and working on the Blu Ray now. As usual Italy takes longer than we expect to do a transfer. Zombie Holocaust will be next in line.

Staff of 52? MB at its highest had about 40 people. 24 people let go in May? We lost people over time as honestly the home video market is bad and I am sorry we lost people but honestly as far as number laid off it never came close to 24.

NJ warehouse padlocked?? Come on by and say hi! We are there and it will be open till August 30th as we are moving it to Des Moines Iowa and having a company by the Right Stuf handle it.

The NYC office is there and not going anywhere...I need somewhere to do my cycle training... You can come by and say Hi also.

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I was told that market conditions were making it impossible to move product and in early July, best buy returned about 7-10 thousand discs for a refund. A simple Google search confirmed all these events, and as I have known the person for almost 10 years, I would think there is nothing to gain by lying. He also stressed that he was owed quite a bit of back pay which is unfortunate as he has a family. It was alsomade clear that the reason for the ichi and versus delays were due to not being able to pay the replicator to release the product to them.
Returns are common and this environment you get many...who is this person owed monies? Product is flowing...we just started to ship Learning the Hardway and Death Kappa is not far behind. The honest truth in this environment it is just not worth releasing that many titles. We are cutting back the number of releases.

Originally Posted by JKurtz View Post
Finally I was told that work hadn't even begun on this title as there was no available cash to even get an HD master, so this wasn't going to happen.

This is really sad news as, even with their hit and miss track record, I was eager to get this on blu-ray. I tried to call over to their office, but nobody picked up for two days leading me to believe that the office has been locked down.

Is it possible that anyone here has any more inside info that can shed light on this mess?

Any help is appreciated and I'm sorry to bear such bad news.
I can send you a copy if you like personally as soon as it is done. Shoot me your address to

We are now doing the transfer but the authoring is pretty much done.


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