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So I checked this out last night at the 9:45pm screening at TIFF. Guillermo del Toro introduced the film along with the director Guillem Morales and Lead BelÚn Rueda. It was advertised by Guillermo as a sort of Spanish Giallo. I have to admit I was pretty beat from walking around the city since I sat though a 11am sitting of Trust earlier that day so I was fighting to stay awake for most of it. From what I could put together and wasn't out of it from my self induced trace, they did a satisfactory job of it. It didn't have the artistic flare that I come to expect for a gaillo but the acting was pretty good and there were a few stand out fright scenes that gave me a jolt. It's not as good as as the Orphanage or Guillermo's own work but it wasn't bad and I do want to watch it again when I'm actually conscious.

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