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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
I'm going through the list of films featured in the GOING TO PIECES doc and TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE is the only film that I'm having a problem obtaining/viewing for a reasonable price. It's credited as one the first slashers so I feel it's important that I track it down, but I'm not interested in paying $20+. Euro horror has been really hit and miss for me so far. Anyone know a a cheap or free way to see this film? thanks
Yeah get the Mario Bava Collection Vol. 2. It can be picked up for $24 and you'll get 6 other Bava films with it.

Also, I'm pretty sure for the past few years Deep Discount has had a Halloween sale with this part of it, usually buy 1 get one free. So chances are you can get both Bava sets for like $25.
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