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Week 1 was "Night Of The Living Dead" (missed it)

Week 2 was "The Terror" (Karloff/Nicholson)

I miss the old harpsichord "Movie Macabre" theme and the set somehow feels even cheaper than the old black curtain/blood-red couch combo she had in the 80s. I think it's just that digital video doesn't have the warm, soft glow of videotape. But Elvira is still damn funny and gorgeous. Hope this can find an audience. Maybe they should stream episodes on the website?

BTW, there was a great article/interview with Cassandra Peterson in a recent LA Weekly. She mentioned that they did send out the girl who won the "Search For The Next Elvira" contest on a couple of appearances but the audiences did not receive her well. They wanted the real Elvira (duh.) Definitely worth the read.
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