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And update!:

"On the Texas Chainsaw Massacre front, things have changed slightly when we last spoke with Twisted Pictures Mark Burg a year ago.

A pair of writers have boarded the reboot: Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan. It's unknown if Twisted scrapped previously hired writer Stephen Susco's script and Marcus and Sullivan are starting from scratch or just re-writing what Susco has done. But, based on B-D's report, they're still going with the "35 years later" approach and a cult might be involved.

Marcus directed Jason Goes to Hell for New Line in '93. He's also working with Sullivan on I Walked With a Zombie for RKO Pictures.

Twisted is said to be going out to directors soon for the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre incarnation.

When we spoke to Burg last October, he gave us a tease of the story: "It's 35 years later, there's a relative going back. Why is he going back? I don't want to set it in a dusty town. How do we make it more urban but keep that feel. There will be some relatives, some new people. There's still the subtext of 'are they eating these people?' The whole idea of cannibalism, we're bringing it back.""

On the topic, who wants to bet a SE DVD and Blu of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation to commemorate the release?
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