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Originally Posted by Criswell View Post
I was watching a the New BBC version of The Survivors based on the Terry Nation book, and it very quickly became an episodic piece very much like the 70's Hulk series where each week the main characters met with random characters (troubled teen, crazy father with kids in tow), learning about themselves - "the true meanng of Christmas" - that kind of thing. To me - it really became a little formularic and cliched. I hope this show avoids that trap. But as its "Hollywood" i dont hold my breath.
Frank Darabont said there were around 80 issues of the comic The Walking Dead was based on. Hopefully they'll stick to that and avoid a lot of episodic plots.

And I'm happy about the ratings AMC got for the pilot. If they get similar numbers for the next 5 episodes, I wouldn't be surprised if AMC greenlights both a second and third season.
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