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Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
Frank Darabont said there were around 80 issues of the comic The Walking Dead was based on. Hopefully they'll stick to that and avoid a lot of episodic plots.
I'd welcome a change or two to the source material. I read the Walking Dead 'phone book', and while it was an interesting read I can't say it particularly broke new ground for me. While taking the zombie apocalypse story past the initial outbreak focus and into the day to day living focus (and the personal drama angle) is an area that hasn't been grave-trodden to death, the story execution in the Walking Dead comics just seemed to lack focus or direction. It really felt more like I was reading someone's "what would I do in a world of zombies" imagination meanderings than a well planned storyline. As a result, the story was for me interesting but not gripping.

And the accepted strong point of the Walking Dead series - the focus on personal drama over action or shock horror - is the primary area where I felt a lack of coherence and consistency showed the strongest. Often I found the personality conflicts drama trite and sometimes even unbelievable - characters getting into conflicts (or into the sack) or taking actions that came off as story driving plot devices rather than believable character behavior. As if the author had no roadmap for the character's behavior and personality, or was too willing to disregard it in favor of spinning the plot in a new direction (with the plot itself having the same directionless feeling).

Now maybe it's just the standard serialization issue most comics suffer from - issues are written to stand together in a small sequence to tell a short story, but less focus (if any) is given (or, with issues like publisher schedules and author changes and audience expectations, can be given) to how they fit together or evolve in a longer run. A big reason why so many comics are incredible reads within a particular story arc, but if you sit down and read the series as a whole it ends up feeling static and directionless.

So I'd welcome a few changes to the source material in the TV series - a more concrete sense of plot direction and eventual destination, and a willingness to stick to the establishing boundaries of a character's personality (or take the time to believably alter them to allow a behavior change) rather than willingly disregard them as interchangeable wheels in the plot machine. This series will do well if it *doesn't* do what the comic series did - keep going for 7+ years with no end in sight and no apparent plan to reach one.
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