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Very odd impression of the series. While I'll wholeheartedly agree that when
The Governer
comes in, it falters somewhat, I think the first five story arcs (the first 30 issues, and more than half of the compendium) are virtually flawless. I wouldn't mind a few changes once this occurs, but I don't see it happening until the 4th season at the earliest (unless they start doing more than 6 episode seasons, in that case it could begin late in the 3rd). I'd love them to adapt these first story arcs as closely as possible (with little cool additions like the tank scene from last nights episode), as I genuinely cared for all of the characters and the human drama is excellent.

And while I do think the series has tapered off just a bit, I think it's among the more cohesive stories being told in current comics. I actually just read through the whole compendium in preparation for this, and I don't see your points whatsoever. In fact, I probably appreciated it more reading it in one fell-swoop over a matter of a few days than I did reading it my first go around as the individual trades were released.

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