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Originally Posted by KamuiX View Post
So here's my one gripe: From the quick glimpse we got of the initial group of survivors, it looks as if they've either made a couple of the insignificant characters black or added a couple in. This pisses me off, because this is obviously a response to all the shit AMC gets about the lack of blacks on Mad Men. It annoys me that AMC would pander to this incredibly small group of insecure, always looking for invisible racism retards because if the series lasts past the first season, it's going to get a couple of the strongest black characters on TV. And the fact that it's obvious these changes or additions are meaningless since there's been no change to major characters like Dale, Lori, Glenn or Shane, it's so apparent what the motivations are here.

Otherwise, it was quite great.
I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you basing this all on the first episode? I think you need to re-read the early issues of Walking Dead, because Morgan and Duane (the two black characters) have ALWAYS been black.
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