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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you basing this all on the first episode? I think you need to re-read the early issues of Walking Dead, because Morgan and Duane (the two black characters) have ALWAYS been black.
I'm not talking about them...I'm talking about the group at the encampment with Shane, Lori, Carl, Dale, etc. When you see them get the short message from Rick over the CB, you can see a couple black people lingering by the RV. So obviously they've added a couple of characters or changed the characters of someone like Donna or Allen. Looking at IMDb, they've added some characters: Walker, Jacqui, and somebody named T-Dog...

To me, all unnecessary changes to appease a very small crowd of very touchy people. Who knows, maybe they'll turn out to be fantastic characters. Something tells me they'll be relegated to minor characters though considering who's just over the horizon.

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