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I watched it last night and enjoyed it. It is difficult for me to see how they could make a whole series out of the usual zombi tropes. In fact I felt like the hour-long show was just a dragged out first five minutes of every other zombi movie. Not that its bad, I am sure it is necessary since they are trying to develop characters and tone, but it was quite evident to someone who has seen most of the blueprint movies.

The black characters discussion is weird. I didn't read the comics so I don't know who was changed or not or why. I can't say as an outsider I picked up on any effects of it. It is odd that you would think that just because a character was given black skin that all of a sudden they couldn't have the exact same traits, experiences, and reactions as the original white character. Does it matter that much? I can see if someone were making a Ronald Reagan biopic and made him black to appease people who were alienated by him it would seem like palliation. Or if you took a beloved fictional character like Prince Hamlet and made him black just to see what it would be like if he were black (which I think has been done) it might seem like a stunt. But I can't believe the characters in this comic are so widely recognized, or beloved for their whiteness that it is really such an affront.

Anyway, I hope my neighbor keeps dvr'ing it so I can tune in.
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