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Originally Posted by j tea View Post
The black characters discussion is weird. I didn't read the comics so I don't know who was changed or not or why. I can't say as an outsider I picked up on any effects of it. It is odd that you would think that just because a character was given black skin that all of a sudden they couldn't have the exact same traits, experiences, and reactions as the original white character. Does it matter that much?
It's not really about's just sort of silly to pander to a small group of people that look for invisible racism everywhere. In fact, unless they've created new characters with new storylines and not just changed skin color and names, the only people left in that original group that haven't been accounted for are very insignificant, which like I said, makes it all the more apparent they're just trying to avoid any type of outcry from this very small contingency of insecure people, which in all honesty should be insulted if these characters turn out to be nothing more than auxiliary.

If I hadn't been such a fan of the series, this never would have been anything I even noticed; it's just that I was looking around during that small glimpse of the group to see if I could notice who was who and it stuck out like a sore thumb. And since I've heard all of the bitching about Mad Men (search it on Google, it's good for a laugh), it just struck me what the motivation was. In the grand scheme of things I agree, it means very, very little.

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