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Originally Posted by MisterTwister View Post
Shout Factory has asked for the info not to spread. This is the company that has been kind enough to release (or re-release) gems like this on DVD. Do you really want to piss them off?

No, you don't.
Some of you are lucky enough to have this cool bit of knowledge. Kudos to you. It would be nice if you (and others) wouldn't get so touchy when people gently pry for a little of what you know. This is a pretty interesting story so try to be more patient and understanding.

Shout Factory didn't release these films because they like us. They are a company that plans on making money. Whether we piss them off has no bearing on future releases. Most of us paid money for our copy of SPM so we aren't indebted to Shout either. That said, I respect your decision to keep quite and would do the same. But I'd love to hear what the story is and desperately hope someone spills the beans.

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