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Hopefully this will clear up some air on the commentary issue. While it's still vague as the person that told me (not a member here) asked me not to air it out, and it's not my place anyway, I think this gives some more info other than there were "issues and circumstances beyond out control", which is all Shout! is willing to say.

The story behind the commentaries is basically just the same old Hollywood bullshit you've heard about on film sets. Old grudges and bad blood are the main reasons. Even if that hurdle had been overcome, this would have been ultimately recalled/edited as somehow a release wasn't signed by one of the people that has been edited out, so the original batch of discs probably shouldn't have even been pressed. I'm guessing that little legal snafu slipped between the cracks and was realized a bit too late after the first batch of discs had gone into production.

And that's really all I fell okay saying without being given the okay. I don't think this paints anyone involved in a bad light, but it gives some idea as to why it had to be done.

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