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Originally Posted by bigdaddyhorse View Post
Not sure what to make of the DE dvds at Big Lots. Usually stuff there is going OOP, so maybe they're clearing out for blu but it doesn't make sense. I think they're dissing the rest of the series. All web info says they are all coming to BD, but all are dated Feb 09. I gave up and bought the dvds for cheap at Big Lots as I'm convinced it will be years, maybe decades before the final blus come out, if fucking ever.
Yeah, I picked up the Deluxe Edition DVDs of parts 7 and 8 at Big Lots for $5 each a couple of weeks ago. Good deal. I purchased the DE DVDs of 1-6 when they were first released, but I waited on 7-8 since they're not my favorites. Currently, I own the DE DVDs of 1-8, the 2004 box set, the Blus of 1-3, the Blu of the 2009 remake, the Killer Cut DVD of the 2009 remake, the theatrical cut DVD of the 2009 remake, and the 2-disc His Name Was Jason documentary. I also own Jason Goes to Hell on DVD and Freddy vs Jason on DVD and Blu. But I want parts 4-8 on Blu!!!
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