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I have the Manhatten boxset still (with the Jason Forever BB bonus disc that was so coveted, and now worthless), the DE's of 4-8, the BD's of 2, 3, Remake and Freddy Vs Jason (waiting for the first to get proper framing, or the BD under $8, which ever comes first), His Name was Jason dvd, Goes to Hell dvd (and laserdisc) and some other custom extras disc I picked up in a trade from someone here. Everything I have on BD, I sold or traded off the dvds for, which I used to own. Also had 3,4 and 7 on the old barebones frist dvds, but sold those when the box came out.
I would also buy BD's of 4-8 in a second. My name is Horse and I'm a Friday addict...

My Fucking DVDS
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