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Originally Posted by Paul0889 View Post
i saw the final chapter in HD on EPIX on demand the other day. they had fridays 1-8 all in 1080i. the final chapter looked FANTASTIC and it was a brand new print, probably the master used on the deluxe dvd. i could tell because on all the old dvd's, when jason grabbed the chick and threw her out the window the image color tone shifted dramatically. on the EPIX hd print, it was corrected like how it is on the deluxe dvd.
Originally Posted by Mitbox View Post
I hope that someone recorded them and uploads it somewhere.
That scene is corrected in the new dvd.

Originally Posted by jcannon View Post
So I guess I'm the only person on the forum who owns Jason X?
No your not. And I fuckin love it...

Originally Posted by It's me, Billy View Post
I hated Jason X. Jason looked completely stupid throughout the film (both looks - regular and Uber) and I wasn't fond of the space setting either. Just a bad film IMO.
Jason does look stupid in many of the sequels...
Don?t forget he is a retard and at some point in many movies people make fun of him.
I just love Jason X.

Originally Posted by SaxCatz View Post
Jason X is a guilty pleasure for me...
The disc has been spun at least 10 times since release.
So few...
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