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Originally Posted by Workshed View Post
Marvel Essentials are getting the price bump to $19.99, starting with Essential Uncanny X-Men Vol. 9, and are printed on newsprint. To compare the Essentials to the Creepy Archives.... Dark Horse is reprinting them according to their original magazine format but with heightened quality. Do I wish they were $15? Sure. Would I prefer an inferior treatment to achieve this price point? No way.
Quoting an older post here, but what the hell... I agree. You can't compare the Marvel Essentials to the Creepy Archives. There are a lot of Marvel Essentials that I'd love to own, and often I've found myself in stores with the intention of buying Tomb of Dracula or Werewolf By Night, but when I open it up and see all of the unattractive B&W newsprint I always put it right back on the shelf and walk out. The volumes are affordable, but I just know that if I bought it I would probably never get through the entire thing. Same as my DVD collection, I expect the best possible treatment of the source material when I purchase trade paperbacks and hardcover volumes of vintage reissued comics, and the Essentials just don't cut it. And having the stories in B&W when they should be in color is akin to having your favorite film presented in the wrong aspect ratio. Also, which would you rather pay for and have on your shelf: a cheap budget bin copy of Night of the Living Dead, or the higher priced official Romero approved transfer that has been lovingly restored? No contest!
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