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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
In the past month as a Christmas Gift I got Eerie Volume 5 and I used some X-mas money to buy Volume 2. So so far that means I own Creepy 1-2 and Eerie 1-2, 5. As suspected I've fallen pretty far behind as Creepy has 8 archives already out but at the moment I'm more addicted than ever! The later issues are better so I'm looking forward to picking up the latest editions and working my way backwards. How are you doing at keeping up so far, Workshed?
Really glad to hear you are still reading these, Maybrick. I agree that Goodwin's stories can be a slog after multiple volumes, but I kept up through Creepy Vol. 6 and Eerie Vol. 3 (where the intro by Gail Simone admits this is the series' low point). Your note about it getting better from here is encouraging, and the intro by Don Glut in Eerie Vol. 5 suggests the same. It's a great intro, too. I want more from former contributors talking about how they got into the mags.

I received Eerie Vol. 5 and Creepy Vol. 8 this season. They've always been fun to open and get lost in. The artwork is top-notch, crazy stuff. I'm only missing Creepy Vol. 1. I borrowed it from a friend and read, but I never purchased it--it's fantastic, though. I'm going to start Creepy Vol. 8 tonight.

Creepy Vol. 9 looks to be coming out in March 2011. Any thoughts on what appears to be similarly-styled Vampirella Archives coming out from Dynamite?

Product Description

In September 1969, Vampirella #1 debuted with a stunning cover by the legendary Frank Frazetta - and quickly made publishing history! The writers and artists that contributed during the magazine's original run included Jose Gonzalez, Archie Goodwin, Doug Moench, Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor Smith, Esteban Maroto, Frank Brunner, Mike Ploog, Rudy Nebres, Richard Corben, Pablo Marcos,Wally Wood, and many more! Dynamite now collects this legendary magazine in a hardcover archive collection! Volume 2 collects seven more terrifying issues of the magazine's original run, issues #8-14, reprinted in its original magazine-sized format.
It also releases in March 2011. I'm unfamiliar with the character--aside from her costume--and wonder if these classic stories are any good.

I really hope they drop the DYNAMITE eyesore on the title dress. Why would you ever cover up that artwork?

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Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.

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