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Definitely not the best trailer I've ever seen,(aside from the song played the last minute or so-creepy)but I'm intrigued. I think De Mornay is phenomenal, (so sweet and accommodating one minute,venomous and ice-cold the next,she's the only actress that can send a chill down my spine when she comes on-screen).

The original Mother's Day is a favorite cult film of mine,and while I would have preferred that they cast an OLD lady as mom, (Estelle Parsons of Roseanne would have been perfect),Rebecca will rock this. Using the original's tagline as one of her lines was a great nod to the original,as long as they didn't film that solely for the trailer.

I remain optimistic, based on Ms. Demornay's screen presence alone.It doesn't look straight to video,just sort of artsy.
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